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A Worthy Pursuit

People thrive when they know they are safe and loved.

ALL people.

Church makes people nervous.

ALL people.

The good "church people" are often either nervous they are going to offend those who wouldn't step foot in a church or they're nervous those people are going to mess up something. The people who cringe at the mere word "church" are nervous they're going to be judged or hurt or shut out. And then, there are those middle people who respect the church, but aren't "that involved" and just know to be reverent. To speak of it makes them nervous because what if you get it wrong???

On some level, we all know God is so much bigger, His ways so much higher, His wisdom so unattainable that we are right to be reverent (to use a church word) and to yield in holy fear. He's God Almighty. That's owed Him. If ever for a moment I thought I was going to spit in the face of that with my questions, I'd shut up yesterday.

The God I know in the…

Abide, One Year Later

A few years ago, our world got rocked.  Suddenly, the places that we had grown so accustomed to were no longer comfortable. The tremors we had been able to brush off for so long were starting to make things quake all around us. The things we had worked so hard to explain away, to push into the shadows, were laying out in plain sight and we could no longer pretend we couldn't see. There was no one thing we could pinpoint, so we tried to deny the thousands that kept us awake at night.

We were among those who had been entrusted with the sacred privilege no one wants: the privilege of suffering. In suffering, gray fades away. Only black and white remain. When searing pain penetrates a heart, a compassion builds therein. When once a person has known the searing pain of loss of any kind, it becomes impossible to pretend to be unable to recognize that same pain in the eyes of the people around you - no matter how that pain came about.

The God Man stepped right into our troubles with us m…