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They're Worth So Much More

Unspeakable Grace: Every Good Gift

Good morning, friend.

It has been a minute since I've written. It’s May, so in the land of motherhood, that means living life at mach speed and trying to remember to keep all the children bathed. Recitals, graduations, field days, and award ceremonies - oh my! It’s all we can do to keep up. At the end of the day, we are exhausted and it is no wonder why.

This May for my family, however, has brought with it the added sorrow of laying a loved one to rest. It was one of those situations we sort of saw coming, but would have never been ready for. The days that have followed have seemed a bit surreal. The whole world shifted a little and we aren’t quite sure what to make of it just yet.

Do you know what I’m saying? Ever been there? In one of those seasons where the world keeps on keeping on, but your heart just lags behind a bit? From the outside, you’re keeping up okay, but all day long, you know you’re not quite keeping step the way you’d like to?

Do you know your Father is the one that …

Unspeakable Grace: Ditch the Drapes

Good morning, friend. Are you hesitant to grab hold of this day? Or did you wake with a start, ready to rock this thing? We have had black curtains in our room for nearly a decade and I got the bright (see what I did there) idea last week to buy some pretty white ones with hints of gray and turquoise. They match both my bedspread and my existing paint color, so this low maintenance girl thought it was a genius move. Do you KNOW how early the sun has the audacity to rise?! Long before my brood of children, I will tell you that. Admittedly, I have been away on business the majority of the week, but the mornings I have been here have found me waking in a near panic, trying to figure out just how late I have slept. (Rising to that kind of light through black curtains would have only happened after noon, you know! And who gets to do that?) I wonder how many of us are waking to our faith like that? How long have we kept black curtains on the windows of our lives in hopes of shielding ourse…