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This is that day in between. The day when all was dark and hope seemed lost. The bloody events of the day before were inevitably playing on repeat in the minds of all who had witnessed it. Whether they had believed Him or not, every man and woman had to be questioning what had just happened. The followers of Jesus had to be wondering how on earth He was going to pull this off, where they had gone wrong, what they had misunderstood, when this madness was going to end.

When that holy curtain had been torn in two as Jesus gave up His Spirit the day before, when the earth shook, and stones split wide open, the whole world took notice. There was no denying this was no ordinary man they had put to death with their ignorance and sin. The very man who was keeping watch over Jesus and all who were with him, saw all that took place, felt the tremors in the ground below, and filled with awe.

“Truly, this was the Son of God.”

The women who had been following Jesus were brokenhearted. They had followed Him and ministered to Him. When the rich man came and requested the body of Jesus to be wrapped in fine linens and moved to his own new tomb, the women were there, watching. They loved Jesus and they were devoted to the One they were weeping for.

Even those who called Jesus an imposter were not so foolish as to entirely discount what He had said and so, they ensured the tomb was made as secure as it could possibly be. They could risk no chance for His followers to fabricate a story that aligned with the words this Jesus had prophesied. They sealed the stone in place. They set a guard.

All hope seemed lost. The promise of a resurrection couldn’t have seemed further away or less possible.

Been there? Sitting without hope, wondering how on earth God is going to pull off He has promised now? The stone sure looks sealed from where you are sitting. Guards stand watch and glare at the slightest glimpse of hope. Your tears are mocked. Your hope seems lost.

Truly. This is the Son of God.

That’s His way. He is unphased by our doubt. Unmoved by our fear. Undaunted by our attempts to bind His power with our foolishness and missteps. Nothing turns His face from His father. Nothing deters Him from His plan. Nothing detours Him from His path.

Glory. He’s always after glory.

If darkness is required, if pain is involved, if tears flood the place, that’s okay. If earthquakes come, if blood is shed, if He is mocked and rejected, that will be made part of the plan, too. He will work it all together for good when He is finished.

The thing is – He is not finished.

When the brokenhearted women went back after the Sabbath to again minister to what remained of their beloved, they were shaken. Literally shaken. The earth itself trembled and a mighty angel of the Lord descended from Heaven. He rolled that sealed stone away and then he sat on it. His appearance was like lightning. His clothing was white as snow.

For fear of Him, those brave guards standing by that stone trembled and Scripture says they became like dead men.

Truly. This is the Son of God.

That’s His way. He will watch attentively while we weep, but He will not hasten His pace. In perfect time, He will be faithful to shake us to the core and when He gets ready, He will split the sky if He has to just to send us precisely who we need to make us believers again that He is who He says is and He will do all that He has promised to do. He might let that stone that clouds our hope stay in place for a little while, but then, we can rest assured, He will sit right on it. All that was wrong and cloaked in darkness will be made as pure as snow and as bright as the morning sun.

Those who have caused us to fear will become fear themselves beneath the hand of the Almighty.

Truly. This is the Son of God.

When He does His thing, when He comes and breathes life into places that were once filled with the stench of death, He’s going to require just one thing of those of us who claim to be His people. He’s going to tell us to go and go quickly to tell that story. Before we can even get the word off our tongues, like the women in the story, He’s going to place an invisible finger to our lips and bid us to silence our fears. He’s going to remind us that He knows we have been seeking Him and that is enough. He will command us to go to those who claim to be follow Him, too. And if they truly are, they’ll have to hear. They’ll have to see. His power leaves no other option.

Scripture tells us the women who left the tomb did so with fear and great joy. Isn’t that an accurate description if there ever was one? Courage looks so funny sometimes and almost never like the world describes it. When we obey and boldly go to to do the work and to the tell Story the Lord calls us to tell, we will almost always do it with fear and great joy. Not either or. Both. And when we see Him move as only He can, when we feel the earth tremble between our feet as death gives way to life, friends we are going to RUN with that story.

We can’t wait. We can’t stand to. We cannot afford to.

There’s a dying world believing a lie. They think this darkness is forever. They’re living like that tomb wasn’t empty. They think sealed stones and set guards get the final say. Not in the life of the believer. Not for the one whose hope is in the resurrected Christ. No diagnosis, no betrayal, no pain, no sorrow, no empty bed and no empty arms will ever get to write the final line of this story.

Christ alone.

It’s Saturday. But Sunday is coming.

Truly, this is the Son of God.

He is not in any tomb.

He has risen, just as He said. Come. See.


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