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Unspeakable Grace: Inventory Time

Good morning.

If someone told you five years ago this is what your life would look like today, would you have believed them? (I know – such a lightweight question to start your day with, right?) But really – where did you think you would be? Is this what you you thought you'd be doing? Are these the people you thought you'd be doing life with? Is this place all you envisioned it would be? What happened to veer you off your old course and allow you to be standing where you are today? How do you feel about that?

In the retail world, taking regular inventory is vital for success. I believe that’s true in our ordinary lives, too. Don’t be so afraid to look back that you miss the cool ways God has moved on your behalf. Don’t be so infatuated with the future that you overlook where He is working today. Count the blessings. Trust God with the parts that don’t make sense yet. Believe He’s not finished.

Whether we love the life we are living today or we are hoping for better days to come, we can rest assured our Father God, the King of all Kings, has never left His throne. While we’ve been running rampant, He’s been reigning with great intentionality. We can rest in that promise and we can take this thing one day at a time. 

No matter where life takes us in the next five years, we can believe the Lord is going to work it all together for good!


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