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Unspeakable Grace: Do You?

Good morning, friend.

I have a weird question to ask you today. Are you free? When you woke up this morning, was there anything that immediately weighed you down from yesterday? As you drove to work today, did your mind drift back to something that started long before the sun rose this morning? Is it clouding up your rearview now?

Here’s another question. Do you know you canbe free?

In the fifth chapter of John, we read about Jesus coming upon a crippled man who had been lying helpless for thirty-eight years. (I thought I was stubborn, but that’s longer than I’ve been alive!) The way Jesus reacted was not the way I might have reacted. He did not look at the man with pity in his eyes or think as he walked on by, “Well, bless his heart.” 

Jesus saw past the man’s helplessness to his hope. Jesus was fully aware just how long that man had laid in wait for someone else to help him find healing. Instead of pity, Jesus offered him power and he offered that power in the form of a choice. 

“Do you want to be well?”

It was a simple question and the man offered a simple answer. Well, sure he wanted to be free, but every time the water in the pool nearby was stirred, he just didn’t have anybody to help him get in. (How many times have I blamed my procrastination on somebody else?)  Jesus listened to his excuse, then told him without hesitation to get up. It was the Sabbath. That was against the rules. When the man tried to argue and tell Jesus all the reasons why he just couldn’t listen, Jesus simply told him to get up. If anyone questioned him, Jesus told the man to tell them the man who made him well told him to do it.

Do you want to be well, friend? Do you want to be free? Do you realize it doesn’t matter how many years have passed since you first fell in the spot that’s kept you crippled? Do you understand that your Father sees you there? He does and He’s asking you a simple question today. He doesn’t require a simple answer in response, but a simple act of obedient faith instead. He is asking if you want to be well. If you do, He is telling you to trust Him enough to rise up and walk. Today. No matter what day it is or who won’t like it. Get up. Be well. 

So, I ask you again. Are you free? In Galatians, we are reminded that it is for freedom that Christ has set us free. We get to choose today whether we will walk free or submit again to slavery. He’s done all the heavy lifting. There’s no need to wait another hour for someone to come along and rescue us. He’s already there. 

Break the chains. Break the rules if you have to, but break free today. And if anyone asks, tell them the one who you made you well told you to do it.

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