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Unspeakable Grace: Do You?

Good morning, friend.
I have a weird question to ask you today. Are you free? When you woke up this morning, was there anything that immediately weighed you down from yesterday? As you drove to work today, did your mind drift back to something that started long before the sun rose this morning? Is it clouding up your rearview now?
Here’s another question. Do you know you canbe free?
In the fifth chapter of John, we read about Jesus coming upon a crippled man who had been lying helpless for thirty-eight years. (I thought I was stubborn, but that’s longer than I’ve been alive!) The way Jesus reacted was not the way I might have reacted. He did not look at the man with pity in his eyes or think as he walked on by, “Well, bless his heart.” 
Jesus saw past the man’s helplessness to his hope. Jesus was fully aware just how long that man had laid in wait for someone else to help him find healing. Instead of pity, Jesus offered him power and he offered that power in the form of a choice. 
“Do you …

Unspeakable Grace: It's Monday again!

Good Monday morning!
Are you good? Are you waiting on something today? Are you anticipating something in such a way that your life feels a little like it’s on pause this morning? Are you having trouble finding it in your bones to believe that God is going to still be God and you’re still going to be “good” when those answers come? 
Let me encourage you to look back over your walk with Jesus this morning and take a little inventory. Has He ever failed you? Even in the moments when it appeared He was late or lost your request in the mail, did He not ultimately make a way for you when there seemed to be no way? 
Have you trusted the Lord long enough to see Him take the very hardest struggles in your life and use them for the kind of big, in-your-face glory that crushes the enemy’s head? He’ll do it every time when we place our trust in Him!  If you are, like me, quick to fret over a potential worst case scenario, I challenge you to stop and choose to be brave instead today. Turn and loo…

Unspeakable Grace: Conquer Monday

Good morning, friend. It is Monday, so maybe this morning didn’t actually feel very good at all. That’s just it though – feelings don’t get to dictate truth. No matter what was waiting for you outside your bedroom door this morning, your God’s promises to you were still true. And no matter how this day goes, they’ll be there waiting for you - steady and true - when you are through. Work hard today, sister. Give it all you’ve got. Give it more than you’ve got! Press through the hard and you will inevitably find the good. There is nothing life-giving about waving the white flag of surrender when things look uphill anyway. Press on past the fog and see all the enemy would love for you to miss. Instead of stopping short because you are sure of defeat, determine to march on believing victory is already yours in Christ. You are more than a conqueror through him who loved you. And this Monday? It needs conquering. Keep doing the next right thing. Keep believing He’s making a way. One foot i…

Unspeakable Grace: Don't Leave Kindness Behind