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Unspeakable Grace: Let Him lead.

Good morning, friend.

My prayer for you this morning is that the Lord will fill your heart with a joy so warm, a hope so bright, you’ll lose sight of the gloomy January outside the window. These days can be long when harsh weather drives us inside both our homes and our heads. Jesus is the light and life we long for.

The year is still new and the Lord is indeed still doing a new thing in your midst. Squint if you have to, but don’t miss it today. Determine to press past the hard and see the Truth today.

Inhale hope. Exhale doubt. Embrace the wonder. Cherish the mundane.

Do the thing – just that one right there in front of you. Let Him lead. He will sing over you. Go with it. Praise Him right back. You’ll dance like you’ve never danced before – even and especially across a cold January floor. 

You’re over halfway there already, love.  Dance on.

Unspeakable Grace: Be the Light

Good morning. As you walk through your day today, be mindful of those around you. Take time to listen to their stories and to look into their eyes, but also take time to be aware that there is inevitably more going on below the surface of their lives than you can possibly know. We get so caught up in ourselves and our own concerns that we think it’s okay to vent about that one small thing in the teacher’s lounge or to finally say what aggravates us about that girl across theoffice. We lose sight of the greater purpose of why we are spending our days in these places. Sister, can you remember when Jesus took hold of your life? Do you remember how much easier it was to breathe when He flipped on the lights in your darkness? Somebody is waited with bated breath just like you were. More than they need to hear what you think or how you feel about something insignificant today, they need what you have. They need the Light. Lay your burdens down at the feet of your Father. Trust Him with all…

Unspeakable Grace: Live Free

Good morning.

What did you bring with you this morning? I don’t mean your coffee or your planner. I’m not asking about what is in your lunchbox either. What are you carrying in your heart today? Behind the smile – or the scowl – and beneath the fa├žade others see, what did you bring with you into this new day?

Are you harboring hurts of yesterday? Are you holding your breath as you wonder what tomorrow holds? Are you on edge as you anticipate what may erupt today? Are you afraid to embrace the joy that is right in front of you? Are you hesitant to believe the hope that’s trying to grow?

Every day in the life of a believer is a battle. Some days, we are aware of the battle and feel every hit. Other days, we get to be blissfully unaware as our Father wages the war for us. Make no mistake - our enemy never stops roaring or roaming. May we never forget, however, that our Father never sleeps nor slumbers.

Hand that extra baggage to your Father this morning. He sees and He waits. No matter what …

Unspeakable Grace: Walk On

Good morning, friend. 
It’s a brand new day, a brand new opportunity to shine! How is your new year looking so far? Has the sparkle already started to fade or are you holding fast to those fresh plans and inspiring dreams? My prayer for you today is that you will be true to yourself and all God has planned for YOU. As we navigate the waters of this week, let’s determine to keep our faces set toward Jesus. Surely we know if we keep our eyes on Him, everything else will remain in perspective. The little stays little and the big stays big. The moment our eyes shift from all He has called us toward to the waves we are wobbly walking on, we begin to lose our way. We begin to sink. Jesus is calling you to greater things today, sister. Chin up. Eyes on Him. One foot in front of the other, you’ll find yourself closer and closer to His will for you. Nothing compares to the joy that comes in feeling His Spirit at work in your life, so don’t settle. Don’t listen to the fears. Pay no attention t…

2019: What if?

It's a new year. We have brand new hopes and dreams. We are looking over our shoulders at all that went down last year and resolving to not make the same mistakes twice. We survey the landscape of our lives and take inventory of all that is missing. We are determined to filled in all those gaps, but deep down we know there's not a snowball's chance we are going to arrive at December 31, 2019, with a perfect life with all the pieces in place either. Not in this life.
Dreaming is a good thing though, right? Planning is even better. If we do not live our lives with intention, our lives will do the living for us.

If we are to plan well though, we must count the cost.

If New Year's Eve is going to find us in a different place in 2019 than it did in 2018, it is going to cost us something, be that our comfort, our fear, or our money. We cannot leave all else in place like we like it and become something we have never been.

As a new believer in high school, I stumbled into a …

New Year, New Word

I used to choose a word of the year. Way back in 2010, I chose the word dance. In 2011, I chose the word be. In 2012, I chose delight based on Psalm 37:4. In 2013, I was a rebel and chose a few words: wait and see. Each year, I would blog about what I thought those words might foretell, what I hoped they’d point me toward. As life unfolded, the words inevitably took on different meanings and rang true for reasons I could never have seen on December 31.

Life got busy for a few years and I sort of forgot about the whole word thing. In 2017 though, the Lord used the word abide to cause my ears to perk up again. I had gotten too busy to sit with my Father like I should and that meant I was too busy. Abide has been my theme and my song for two years now because I need that reminder. My rebel heart keeps me wandering when all I need to do is abide in my Father's love. Abide is a word I will never let go of; it is a word that will never let go of me.

 In 2018, abiding became more than a …