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No Pretending

I am one of those people whose hurt was blasted on a proverbial billboard. You know the type? When the greatest hurt you could ever imagine suddenly becomes public knowledge? It would do you no good to appear normal or unmoved in the grocery store when the eyes looking back at you are already searching for your reaction. They've already heard, whether you never say a word.

When it happened to me, I had a choice to make.

I could be bitter and try to run from it or I could look it in the eye and trust God to bring something good from the pain.

The ways the Lord has worked in our lives since the years we endured the hottest fires we ever hope to know shut our mouths. I could write until my fingers fall off and never reach the tip of His goodness. I dare not pretend, even now, to be normal or unmoved. I couldn't if I tried.

I cannot watch a little boy fly down the hallway wearing a cape and upside down sunglasses and act like I don't know it had to be God that ever let him bre…

2019: Let There Be Light

Good morning, friend.

I wanted to write such a happy "Farewell to 2018" type post to you, but can I be honest with you?

I did not love 2018.

I just didn't. I know hardly anyone who did. Those I am closest to buried loved ones, endured frightening medical crises, struggled under financial and emotional burdens, and did their best to just keep putting one foot in front of the other. It was a dark, hard year. Even when the big, bright, shiny moments came, they were hard to see for long before the clouds rolled back in... hard to look back and even remember as real when the storms raged again.

Doors opened and opportunities were seized, then the enemy roared and ripped again.

Sound familiar?

It felt like a war to me.

I believe it was.

I believe 2019 will be, too.

Any time we are pursuing Jesus, the enemy is threatened. Any time we let the light in, darkness has to flee. When the prince of darkness appears to gain the lead and we are losing steam, it seems a better option to …

Unspeakable Grace: A Wonderful Witness

With a diaper bag over one shoulder, a baby in my arms, and a toddler wrapped around both legs, I waited patiently in the line. It had been a long morning and an uphill battle every step between my bed and that line in front of the counter. I really didn't feel very good and the babies hadn't slept very well. My night-shift-working-man could hardly hold his head up. Just about the time I was starting to wonder why on earth I had even tried to drag us to church at all, I turned just enough for his face to catch my peripheral. I reacted quickly like any polite Baptist would and asked him how he was.

The glimmer in his eye, the joy that overtook his face, the confidence in his voice as he said those words rung loud in my ears. They still do, well over a decade later.

"I'm doing wonderful. How are you?"

I hardly knew the man and I struggle to recall his first name without deliberation now, but I will never forget the witness he was to me that morning. A husband and fath…