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Unspeakable Grace: Friday edition

First Things First

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness,
and all these things will be given to you as well."
- Matthew 6:33
Good morning, friends.
From the moment my feet hit the floor - and often before - the list of demands is before my eyes. I think I know what needs to be tackled first and am either eager to get to it or dreading it with every fiber of my being. (I'm not an in-between kind of girl.) It is easy to get so distracted by the list - or the kid with the missing sock or the clock screaming at me that I'm falling behind again - that I forget to sit with my Father first.
It has taken me long enough, but I am just beginning to understand part of the reason why it's so important to seek Him first, not only in life, but in my every day. As surely as I zip up winter coats on my babies when I know cold weather awaits them outside the door, my Father knows what is in store for my day and wants to send me out into my world prepared, too.

I cannot see what He sees.  
I cannot know what He knows.
But, y'all? I so long to go where He goes and it would be really nice to be prepared when I arrive.
To be prepared to do the work He has for me to do, to change my ways from checking off my list to following His lead, I'm going to have to sit with Him first. Otherwise, I'll surely find myself as unprepared and exposed to the elements as a kindergartner in shorts in a snowstorm.
Can you relate? Have you tried it out for yourself? Have you seen how a few moments in His Word before the madness begins - yes, even for the night owls like me - can change the whole course of the day? It's true. Do you know what it feels like to be panicked and freezing in that snowstorm wondering how on earth you are supposed to endure? It happens.
We will face the weather whether we are prepared or not. The fiery darts are coming and they care not whether we have taken the time to put our armor on. Let's not run out the door with one shoe on just because the horn is blowing. Let's be grown enough to make it happen and childlike enough to sit before our Father, believing full well He will give us all we need for the day ahead when we do. 
As we enter this weekend and we are tempted to let our guards down, let's do something. Let's try something new - or commit to trying something again - and turn our faces toward our Father first. Not our lists or our loves or our calendars, but God Himself. Let's carve out that time to sit with Him as He reminds us who we truly are until we feel safe enough to ask and receive what we need.
God alone knows what each day holds and He alone can equip us for what awaits us on the other side of that door.
Sit with Him a minute, will you? It just might change your whole day.

In Christ alone,

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