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I once heard a famous singer talking on the radio. I can neither remember who the artist was nor what they said. What I remember most clearly was being taken aback by how difficult it seemed to be for that person to answer questions and carry on a dialogue with the person interviewing them. I found myself thinking, "Wait a minute. She is supposed to have it all together, to have all the answers. She sings such powerful truths so beautifully. This should not be that hard for her."

Then, it hit me.

I assumed - because I only knew that person by her gift and the moments when she was operating in her area of strength - that she excelled at all things. How ridiculous. What an ignorant assumption to make. Just because someone is talented in one area, we should neither assume nor expect him or her to be talented in all areas. No one is.

I have pondered that realization many times over the years.

The enemy is so cunning. He's so good at causing us to hone in on others' strengths, while shining the spotlight on our own shortcomings at the very same time. How else would he steal our joy? How else would he undermine our confidence? Why else would we doubt ourselves? How else would he paralyze us and prevent us from ever walking in the callings on our lives?

What if your favorite song was never written? What if your favorite author never found the courage to publish another piece after the first one was rejected? If fear had won the argument in every inventor's mind, what kind of primitive place would this be? What if the activists of the times we never saw never found the courage to stand on knocking knees for what they believed in? What then? How different would our world be?

I recently heard it said that we will spend the same amount of time and energy anticipating an event whether we spend that time believing it will fail or believing it will succeed. Only we get to to choose. Why not expect the God who created this whole world to show up? Why not take a risk on Him? Why not believe He's going to do the thing instead of telling ourselves all the reasons He won't or He shouldn't? Maybe our prayers won't change the outcome, but what if they do? What would happen in our hearts if we allowed them to hope?

Every day, we learn of someone whose life ended before they ever thought it would. It's so cliche to say another day is not promised, yet it is so very true. Do the thing. Whatever it is that gets your blood pumping, that comes to you as naturally as breathing - why aren't you doing that? What are you waiting for? We get one chance to leave our mark on this world. We have one life to trust God with, to make the most of.

If we are afraid of falling, may we remember He will be our safety net when we fall. He always has been. He always will be. Maybe your heart was broken before. Maybe that old enemy just keeps reminding you how badly that hurt and you're scared to death to hurt like that again. What if a greater healing than you've ever known - not just for yourself, but for everybody who has hurt like you have - is waiting on the other side of your fear? What if your Father is just waiting for you to have the faith to step out of the boat already? What if this is the time you really will get to walk on those waves?

Maybe, just maybe, God is offering you the opportunity to do something really amazing for Him. Maybe God knows exactly who you are and maybe He knows why you're made that way. Maybe, just maybe He is who He says He is and He is doing what He said He would do. And maybe, just maybe, you're the one person someone will believe if you simply be who you are and do what you were made to do... revealing to them living proof of the One God who is true.

This life is but a vapor. In light of eternity, what do we really have to lose?

Leave the doubt in the boat. Leap.


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