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I once heard a famous singer talking on the radio. I can neither remember who the artist was nor what they said. What I remember most clearly was being taken aback by how difficult it seemed to be for that person to answer questions and carry on a dialogue with the person interviewing them. I found myself thinking, "Wait a minute. She is supposed to have it all together, to have all the answers. She sings such powerful truths so beautifully. This should not be that hard for her."

Then, it hit me.

I assumed - because I only knew that person by her gift and the moments when she was operating in her area of strength - that she excelled at all things. How ridiculous. What an ignorant assumption to make. Just because someone is talented in one area, we should neither assume nor expect him or her to be talented in all areas. No one is.

I have pondered that realization many times over the years.

The enemy is so cunning. He's so good at causing us to hone in on others' stren…

Unspeakable Grace: Start Your Day the Right Way

Good morning.
Before you press the first button on the coffee pot or the radio, press pause on your thoughts for a moment. Lift your eyes above the demands that greet you this morning to the Father who loves you. Whatever happened yesterday has no power over this day. Whatever awaits you tomorrow has to wait for tomorrow. Today, this day, is a gift. Open it slowly, delicately, and with great anticipation.
Vow to look more intently for the Lord's hand today. Ask Him to show you ways to love those around you well. Determine to listen intently to the words entrusted to you today. Thank Him for the tasks He's entrusted to you, too. Long before you knew where you would be standing today, He saw. He knew. There are blessings you'll miss if you get ahead of your King today - opportunities to shine His light into dark corners where beloved children have been waiting to catch a glimpse of it. Ask Him to show you.
Maybe there are concerns, fears, doubts tugging on your heart like a …

Unspeakable Grace: Glory > Turkey

Good morning. It's Monday and, in my world, it feels like one. A little one meaning well and trying to help with all the things delayed everything this morning. Before my day began, my agenda was changed. Isn't it funny how even when we don't think we are planning, we create little ideal scenarios, hours, days, and weeks for ourselves? We know how we want things to look and when reality deviates from that image, our hearts sink. This is a big week, y'all. There is the pressure to get the turkey if you haven't already or it will never have time to thaw. Get the bathrooms sparkling, find your most slimming outfit, toss out those toys you've been meaning to toss, but be sure and do it while the tiny dictators have their backs turned! Maybe you are trying to prepare your heart for encounters with folks who just won't let you out of a box you outgrew years ago. Maybe you are dreading seeing that empty chair at the table or tired of seeing nothing but empty chairs …

Unspeakable Grace: Drop and Run

My little starry-eyed boy was struggling with his zipper. Well, it wasn't actually his zipper so much as it was getting his legs out of his footed pajamas. He just couldn't do it! I watched him grow frustrated from my place across the room. He kept losing his balance as he tried to free himself from his beloved fleece clothes. I stopped what I was doing, knelt down, met him where he was and with complete ease, I freed him. He let out a little squealing chuckle of relief and then scampered down the hall.

I was left holding his breakfast-soiled pajamas. He was free to move on to his next task. He couldn't free himself from them, so he cried to me for help. It seemed impossible to him and he was frustrated. It was no trouble at all for me. He asked. I answered. He was freed. I was happy to see his joy in response.

As I watched the hair on the back of his little head bounce as he left my sight, I startled myself when I said the words aloud, fighting back tears: "I know. I k…

Unspeakable Grace: Friday edition

First Things First"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness,
and all these things will be given to you as well."
- Matthew 6:33 Good morning, friends. From the moment my feet hit the floor - and often before - the list of demands is before my eyes. I think I know what needs to be tackled first and am either eager to get to it or dreading it with every fiber of my being. (I'm not an in-between kind of girl.) It is easy to get so distracted by the list - or the kid with the missing sock or the clock screaming at me that I'm falling behind again - that I forget to sit with my Father first. It has taken me long enough, but I am just beginning to understand part of the reason why it's so important to seek Him first, not only in life, but in my every day. As surely as I zip up winter coats on my babies when I know cold weather awaits them outside the door, my Father knows what is in store for my day and wants to send me out into my world prepared, too.

I cannot see w…

Love is a Tightrope

As an elementary school teacher, it was not an uncommon sight to meet a line of small children in the hallway with their hands folded behind their backs and their cheeks puffed out like blowfish as they followed their teacher like baby ducklings. Usually, in our school, they were following a set of paw prints on the floor designed to prompt them to stay in line on one side or the other. The littler they were, the more likely they were to be found following in this fashion. The older they were, the taller they got, the longer they had been walking those lines, the less instruction and prompting they required to do what was expected of them, to get them where they needed to go.

In Kindergarten, it's cool to have the best "duck tail" hands folded behind your back or the biggest "bubble" in your cheeks keeping your words at bay. School is brand new and you are longing for the teacher's approval and your peers' admiration. Give it a few years and that's …