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Learning to Breathe

"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!"  Psalm 150:6


I mean it. Go on and exhale.  You know - deep breath in, deeper breath out.

My watch has a feature on it that made me laugh at first. Periodically, I would feel it vibrate on my wrist and then I would see its colorful prompting to remind me to take a moment to breathe.  It seemed laughable... until I tried it. I realized I couldn't remember the last time I allowed myself time to inhale slowly and then to simply breathe it out.

There was no time for such nonsense in the harried life of a teacher, wife, and mother. Until you realize how desperate you are to breathe anyway. Then, oh then, you make time. It's like making a doctor's appointment after feeling awful for weeks. Suddenly, you're all better. Suddenly, you're willing to make all those changes you've "been meaning to" make. When your body starts to show you all the signs that you really should have been intentional ab…

He's Doing a New Thing!

Sometimes, life will take us places that look so eerily familiar to places we have stood before we will become convinced we are about to relive the events of times past. No matter how many years have gone by, no matter how different the circumstances, no matter what we know to be true now, the enemy will creep in and whisper loudly, reminding us of the destruction that came then. If we are not careful - when we find ourselves standing in those places - to tune in to the voice of our Maker who has promised good to us, we will turn our ear toward that voice of doubt and fear. As we wait with bated breath, we will do so with dread and angst instead of hope and faith.
Where we turn our ears and eyes can make all the difference, regardless of the circumstance or the outcome.
One of my children had a health scare recently, a health scare that seems to actually just be one of those "flukey" things of life at this point. All good news. Nothing to sweat. However, once upon a time, an…

No Frills: Just Love and Grills

The single most important lesson I have taught my children to date is to value the person next to them as much as they value themselves. It is one thing to hear that we should love our neighbors. It is quite a different thing to look a person in the face we know naught and declare them worthy of our attention, love, and respect. The saying about how we should treat the CEO the same as we treat the custodian - that. I have no way of knowing the plans the Lord has for any one of our children so I dare not presume to know the job titles they may hold one day. As such, it is my greatest desire as a parent to instill in them a Christlike love that crosses every barrier and line, that stops at nothing to carry the light of love that has been ignited in them into the darkest corners of this world.

Notice I said I have taught them this lesson. I never said I am done teaching it and I certainly never said they have yet learned it.

One of our children is an introvert by nature, one has never me…

Evidence of a Beautiful Rescue

As my dear friends have prepared their classrooms and lessons for the first week of school, I have been poring over children's Bible curriculum and preparing my own children to return to school. As it turns out, I should have been preparing my heart. No matter how right or good change is, it is still hard. My flesh is so resistant to change, in spite of how often change has come. If God had come down in a literal cloud and given me audible directions Himself, I could not be more confident that I am where I am meant to be. Nevertheless, seeing that school swing back into motion without me left me reeling a bit.
{Why do I think the world revolves around me??}
"Wait a minute."
"What's going on here?" 
"Who in the world am I?" 
"How does this even work?"
For longer than I can possibly remember, I have either been a student or a teacher. To be transparent and more vulnerable than I prefer - I admit this transition from the public school syste…