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We Can

Just Keep Running

Every time I see a grassy school soccer field, my side hurts. The mere sight takes me back to being that freckle-faced girl blowing her sweaty bangs out of her eyes with fierce frustration. Once a year (at least) we had to run a mile. One thing little Emily had going for her was confidence in those early years and I always just knew I was going to kill that race. I'd sprint at the sound of the whistle and grin as I left the boys in my dust. Every time, every single time, I'd be met with stabbing pains in my side and the worst thirst I was sure anyone had ever experienced. Suddenly, I'd go from being determined to win, to being determined to just live.  Never mind that stopwatch. I just wanted to know how many more laps I had to go before I could breathe again.

I am still not a runner. I lack just about everything the devotion and patience required to be a successful athlete. The idea of waking before dawn alone repulses me. Add to that the idea of sweating or doing anythi…

Pack Wisely

Summer is slipping through our fingers. It seems like this sacred window of time opened only yesterday. We start with our game so strong, don't we? We hadn't been out of school a week when I was searching sales ads with a magnifying glass in search of all the necessary magical elements for summer fun. I learned the hard way that it's really not all that wise to get all your groceries, a fire pit, a grill, and new lawn chairs on the same day - no matter how great a bargain they may be. The ol' minivan was faithful as ever, but it was real tricky there for a minute when the girls in the red shirts and khaki pants were wondering with me how that back hatch was going to latch.

We've toasted marshmallows, blown bubbles, planted flowers, taken leisurely strolls, watched the stars, fireflies, and fireworks, too.  Life has slowed to a pace that allows us to look it, and the ones we love, in the face.  Where girls once were, I see women.  Where little ones used to sleep, I …

Grit Won't Fit in Squares

It is not well.

Yet, in Him, it is.

Sitting on the sidelines catching up with my oldest friend as our babies, spanning from toddlers to teens, splashed and played together in the pool this evening was just what I needed. As the sun started to set, it seemed to hit us each at the same time that we had failed to take any pictures to mark the occasion yet again. Hours later, after everyone was showered and tucked in their beds, I peeked at those sweet little sun-kissed faces in the squares on my phone, smiling and enjoying each other. They were too cute to keep to myself, so I shared them without a second thought.

That's what we do: experience joy and pass it along. It's a beautiful thing.

It's a beautiful thing right up until it becomes an obligation.

It's a beautiful thing right up until someone thinks squares tell full stories.

Some moments, like the innocent one by the pool this evening, truly are sweet and merit documenting for posterity and the sharing of joy. So ma…