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In Our Eyes

As long as I live, I think her words will ring in my ears. I'll be the one in the polyester softball pants, hitting just a bit too high on my lanky legs, arms stretched high above my head, sweaty bangs falling in my eyes.

"What are you doing?! That was in your eyes, Emily Rose!!!! Quit reaching for those!!"

She just wanted her baby girl to wait on the perfect pitch, but it made me so mad. I didn't want the ones slowly sailing toward my waist. I wanted the ones no one thought I could reach because deep down, I knew if I did reach them I'd send them sailing for the fences. I knew it because (once or twice) I'd done it. So, I kept on reaching and she kept on shouting.

It's who we were, who we still are.

She's my fierce protector, always wanting what's best for me.

I'm the girl who stops at nothing to reach that which seems just beyond my reach, sometimes out of stubbornness and sometimes out of zeal. Sometimes I look like a fool. (Okay, most time…

Maybe a Harness is All We Need

I have a stubborn streak a mile wide.

All I have ever really needed to accomplish anything has been to have someone tell me I couldn't. Nothing fires me up quite like thinking I have been forbidden or denied. I was the spoiled little girl stomping her foot in the store when my mother denied my request. I was the fiery teen slamming my door when I didn't get my way. I have been the wife whose head spins around before I turn on my heel and leave the room. I am the mother whose heart bleeds for children but who rules with an iron fist when it comes right down to it. I am the friend who will dig my heels in until it makes me cry.

It is not pretty, but it is who I am.

Lindsy Wallace said it like this: "Temperament is hard wired. Temperament doesn't change. Character? Character can change. God changed Saul's character and he became Paul. Paul's temperament wasn't any different than Saul's. Both men were zealous. Both sold out for what they believed.

Your husban…