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Bloody Messes

I am a fixer by nature. I’ve heard it said many times that is true of men. We tell them our problems, just hoping they will listen, and all they can hear is us asking them to fix it all somehow. I’m about as girly as I can get, but I’m just like that. I hear the ones I love talking and all I can do is brainstorm ways to make it all better. I’m too quick to offer solutions, to share similar experiences, to suggest ways to repair what is broken, and to point where I think things went wrong. 

But lately? Not so much. 

The stories I am hearing and reading and seeing played out before me are just making me shut my mouth. (A pretty big feat if you know me.) 

Y’all, there are some things that look like they are just too dang big to fix, too broken to ever put back together. Bloody messes abound. All the words fall short. Experiences I have known cannot compare and it would be insulting to even hint that they could. I am seeing brokenness I have never known, hearts so wounded for so long that I …