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Kneecaps and Giants

With his little feet spread as far as they could go without causing him to topple over, my son braced himself for impact. He stretched his arms out, furrowed his brow, and looked me right in the eye.  He was not about to let me pass.  He was not ready to go back in the house, so he had used his very body to barricade the door and he dared me to pass.

His head reached just above my knees.

As I looked down upon his perfect little crown, I wondered how many times God has looked at me from the very same perspective.  I'm flexing my muscles, showing the world what I am made of, determined to take a stand for what I want, willing to look any giant in the eye that dares cross me.  Has my Father looked down from up on high and seen me there, looking so small and so foolish with nothing but admiration in His heart simply because I am so completely His?

How long has He let me believe I am in charge, slaying all the dragons, and keeping myself safe? How patient has He been while I have struggle…